Behind the display case

In search of an aesthetically elegant memory for a health and fitness inspired loved one is where Gym Jewellery began…

With good health and fitness comes a sense of pride and achievement, a personal journey full of goals, aspirations, trials and self awareness. It is within this journey that one can find themselves, their passions, what they’re truly capable of and the strengths that lie within. To bare witness to this is to watch a flower bloom – to experience and observe the diamond in the rough shine brighter than the sun.

How could we signify this achievement and capture this remarkable transformation?

Brendon’s pursuit for that unique memory to show his love and appreciation for Nikayla’s commitment to her goals was the beginning of this extraordinarily beautiful collection being shared with the world. Meeting Kenny McCarthur the mind behind this elegant, breathtaking range was a dream come true. Since our paths have crossed the concepts have flourished divinely.

Three unique perspectives combined to create a dynamic infusion of thoughts, feelings and passion to develop a significantly unique piece of hand-crafted jewellery. Nikayla’s own dreams for a stunning collection to inspire women to feel fit, strong and beautiful, Brendon’s desire to share this amazing memorabilia and portray a feeling of love, recognition and accomplishment for health and fitness inspired individuals and Kenny’s passion for the delicate intricacies behind these incredible forever gifts.

The team at Gym Jewellery are dedicated to provide you with that distinct moment that captures your heart and fulfils your desires, a personal remembrance that you will hold close and share with those dearest to you.

- Brendon & Nikayla

Gym Jewellery, Brendon & Nikayla